Reasons not to start my sideline business

  1. I don’t have a logo
  2. My website isn’t ready
  3. I haven’t finished my research
  4. I haven’t bought everything I need
  5. I have no content

One week ago, I decided to start a podcast. I suddenly realised that I’d found my passion. Suddenly. Just like that. All those years doing online questionnaires to find my passion and it was staring me in the face all the time.

I love talking to people about their business startups. I like to hear their struggles, and I like to hear their successes (I don’t like to hear that their parents are funding them, but that’s just jealousy). I hate hearing that they’ve given everything up, or borrowed money, or they’re using their savings. I like it when they’re working a day-job but they have an idea that they’re following on the side. That’s what interests me. Because I want them to succeed. Because I don’t want them to lose everything they’ve taken for granted. Because failure is probable and actually essential. And it shouldn’t be the thing that stops them.

So I decided to interview people that are starting businesses on the side, and people that can inspire people to start businesses on the side, and maybe I’ll interview some people because I just like them.

I’ve never had a successful business, but I’ve had a momentously failed one. And I’ve spent the last ten years trying to figure out what I did wrong. Maybe together, we can work it all out. But let’s just start where we are.

Author: Paul Ford

Digital marketing project director, based in London.

4 thoughts on “Reasons not to start my sideline business”

    1. Hi David! Yes and no. Mediarapid CMS was post-disaster: an interesting adventure. But Mediarapid as an agency, yes. I’m talking about 2005, when I set up an office and hired people to create digital projects for my own clients and marketing agencies. Hard to believe it’s 12 years ago.

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