Ep. 2 — Emily De Groot — swapping clothes for happiness

In this podcast, you will learn:

  1. Why Emily swapped clothes for happiness.
  2. The life-changing effects of experimenting.
  3. The childhood roots of The Clothes Club.
  4. Why “breaking even” is such a challenge with not-for-profits.
  5. How you can do more, with less time.
  6. Why all businesses need a social element.

When Emily De Groot decided to embrace “experiments” in her life, she had no idea how it would turn out. All she knew was that she was going to try new things to discover how she could become happier.

She volunteered for a day a week at You Me Bum Bum Train, an innovative theatre organisation. She was selected for On Purpose, a social enterprise leadership group. She started The Clothes Club, a clothes-swapping organisation, and through her Facebook page, Social Enterprise & Social Good, heard about Greatlove, and started crowd-funding for him.

Listen to the podcast, and Emily will inspire you to start your own experiments with not-for-profit organisations.

The Clothes Club will be doing their next clothes swap fundraiser in April/May 2017. Get in touch and get involved, or send them ideas of who to raise money for.

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  • @missdeg, Emily De Groot
  • @dorieclark, contributor to Forbes and Harvard Business Review
  • @valaafshar, Chief Digital Evangelist at Sales Force
  • @gilbertliz, author of Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear
  • @gretchenrubin, positive psychologist writing about happiness and creating good habits

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  • Recorded in the “Ideas Room” at The Hackney Pirates, London.
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