Ep. 3 — Preston Likely — passion, practice and drive.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  1. Why Preston sold his identity, and who bought it.
  2. Where to find ideas and what to do when you have too many.
  3. Why busy people do more.
  4. Why the search for perfection is the search for death.
  5. The importance of spontaneity.
  6. How to get free worldwide publicity.
  7. Preston Likely’s greatest weakness.

Preston Likely has created an incredible body of art in his spare time. His ideas hide in the mundanity of British daily life: bin bags, tins of beans and oven gloves, which he skillfully subverts for no other reason than to see the surprise in people’s faces. He explains how he’s gradually turning his work into a commercial success, with his book Amuse Agents, and his commission from the Hull City of Culture.

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