Ep. 6 — Martin Hicks — how I make money online

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In this podcast, you will learn:

  1. How Martin was made redundant and became a snuff dealer.
  2. Why he doesn’t want to post physical products to buyers any more.
  3. How anyone can make £15-20k over 2 years with Matched Betting.
  4. Why he doesn’t recommend Social Trading.
  5. Why the key to Affiliate and Content Marketing is to choose a niche you love.
  6. All about the Digital Nomads in Thailand’s Chiang Mai and why they’re there.
  7. Why he’s so attracted to Print-On-Demand.
  8. His experience with the “Low Hanging System”.
  9. Why he has a Remote Assistant in the Philippines.
  10. How to run a Dropshipping business on eBay and Amazon.
  11. Why you should have multiple sources of online income.
  12. Why he’s so excited by “Merch By Amazon” and how you can get started.
  13. Why he uses Upwork to find designers.
  14. Why you should pay attention to trademarks and copyright.

Martin was the original inspiration for Start Your Sideline, and I’m so thankful for that conversation in 2016. He talks to me about how to succeed with multiple online businesses.

Martin has put together a useful resources page of how to make money online where you can find out more about the ideas talked about in the podcast.


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